Computer Services

Setup and Configure

Purchased a new computer and need to have it configured for your use? Need your data from your old computer moved to the new one? Can't get onto your wireless network or print? All of these problems can be fixed with the proper configuration.

Repairs and Upgrades

From a stuck or missing key, a broken screen or a hard drive crash, our certified technicians can repair your computer to full working order.

Computer running a little slow? Did you know the cheapest method to speeding up your computer is to add more memory. CTS can upgrade your computer to meet your needs, all at a very low cost to you!

Virus and Malware Removal

Computer viruses are a fact of life. Even with the best protection malicious software can still get through. CTS is experienced in virus and malware removal and we will help you keep those attacks from coming at you again. With the right software and a little education you can feel confident that your data is safe.

Data Recovery

Be it be from a virus or a hard drive crash, we can help you recover your data!. Hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards for your camera can often hold data even when they stop working. In most cases we can retrieve your data. By the way, if you delete an item or folder we can often recover that too, just stop using that device as soon as possible and give us a call.

And remember, like all of our services, if we can fix it then we don't charge you!

Trade-In and Recycling

CTS is an enviromental conscience company. We use electronic documents whenever possible to reduce our paper use, and recycle all electronic parts in a environmentally safe way. We also offer trade-in values for your old equipment.

Other Services

CTS is a full range IT department. We offer many services not listed above, including VHS to DVD conversions and photo slides to jpeg conversions. And nothing is better than viewing your new media on a large screen monitor or overhead projector. We offer monitor/TV wall mounting, projector installations and configuration, through the wall wiring (so you don't see all those messy cords) and will help you control all your devices with a single remote.

CTS is a fully insured company, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your installation is covered from any unforeseen accidents. We haven't had any yet, but just in case we are covered! Can you say the same for that tech fella that doesn't run a fully established business?