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small business technology services

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Complete Technology Solutions provides residential support for everything from a broken screen to a networked smart home.
CTS also provides SMB Information Technology solutions including PC repair, network diagnostics, software training and consulting.
We provide Complete Technology Solutions at affordable costs!

Residential Services

CTS offers on-site, pick-up and drop-off, and remote technical support. Our prices are lower than our big office store competitors because we keep our overhead down...simply put we don't have a big store of paper to pay for. This means the savings are passed on to you!
Our technicians are fully certified in computer repair, in fact the owner of CTS, a college CIS instructor, teaches certification courses.

Small Business Services

CTS understands the technology challenges small businesses are increasingly faced with and we believe you deserve top level support at affordable costs. CTS can tailor technology solutions that fits your needs and your budget. Unlike our competitors, we can provide training and consulting services so you can start managing some of the problems yourself...but just in case you get stuck we will always be there for you 24 hours a day.

Services to Fit Your Needs

On-Site Service Support

Complete Technology Solutions provides on-site service support for all our customers and clients. Unlike our competitors who charge huge fees to visit your location, we charge the same fee for our on-site work as we do for in-house work. All services have a 30 day guarantee!.

Pick-up and Drop Off

In some cases, where the work will takes hours to perform, we will pickup your computer and bring it back to our office. We do this to save you money! Pick-up and drop off services are free for Alpena county residents and surrounding counties when we can schedule multiple clients in your area.

24 Hour Remote Support

CTS offers instant remote support with our secure and safe remote connection application. Simply download our remote application and give us a call for. Our remote application provides a one-time connection to your computer secured with a user ID and password. We cannot connect again without your verbal assistance. Click the blue and white icon on the left to download.


Free Analysis

The end of life for Windows XP was April 8th, 2014. Call us now for you free 15 minute analysis to determine how XP's end of life will affect you. Business clients receive a free 30 minute evaluation.

Don't let security holes compromise your data or fail to meet required HIPPA compliance when XP ends, both can be costly mistakes. Call us now for you free XP End of Life Analysis.